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Cumbria responds to flooding tragedy
Full day of music and cultural events planned
Monies raised to help flood victims

We Amplify Cumbria #ripplesmakewaves

Where: Venues across Carlisle and Cumbria TBC

When: TBC

Christmas - as the popular song goes - is the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas 2015 was the complete opposite for the people of Carlisle and the wider region of Cumbria. Just when families should have been settling in for the season, the rains came, relentlessly, flooding the city and ruining not only Christmas, but the lives and businesses of many in the region. The waters have now subsided, but the scars are still visible, both those on the buildings, and more importantly, the deeper scars of those that suffered during that period.

The default response in this situation is to push back; not only to push back the waters but to push back the heartache and the pain… not to merely accept what happened. The response in this case is to make some noise… make some waves… and make some money at the same time.

There is a feeling in the region that when the TV news crews leave the site of a natural disaster, the focus, too, shifts elsewhere. The people of Carlisle and Cumbria will not let their situation be forgotten and that is why they are going to make their point, and then amplify it, so it resonates out across the nation and reaches all corners, especially Westminster in London. Water makes waves, but so does sound, and these sonic ripples will themselves form waves that carry the message to all four corners of the land.

The response is two-pronged. At the moment the organisers need anyone who felt moved by the situation, and feels they can help, to come forward. This may be in the form of financial assistance, in terms of sponsoring the event, or perhaps more practical assistance, in terms of supplying venues, technical know-how and support… even talent to take to the stage!

When the event then shapes up we would like everyone to get involved not in a wake, but a celebration, of both the region and its people. Across venues in the city there will be music, cultural events and family-friendly activities so that the community can come together, raise money together and have fun. Together. The event will celebrate the spirit of the region, but also raise money, both for the people affected by the floods, and to protect Carlisle against future flooding.

Organiser Claire Armstrong explains: ‘This event will make a loud, proud and bold statement that we are still here, we pulled through, but we still need help. This event will send out a message that we care.’

So, if you hear the low rumble of an infectious beat it may well be the irresistible groove of We Amplify Cumbria, resonating across the nation.

Keep your ear to the ground…

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