About Big Beans & Carlisle's Queen Bean of Graphic Art

Claire Armstrong showing here alter ego to the business communities of Cumbria and the Borders.

Meet Carlisle's Queen Bean!

Claire Armstrong has spent her career investing back into her hometown of Carlisle. Whether that be the bricks–and–mortar of a nightclub; Cumbria's community spaces, or the dreamier realm of her creative branding ideas… each and every endeavor has brightened up the Great Border City. ‘I’ve got a flash mob mentality,’ Claire chuckles. ‘I’m a midnight oil burning dreamer and I live for seeing my clients' ideas come to life.’

She’s full of ‘em!

Claire’s secret is to marry creativity with reliability, doing whatever it takes to turn a sketch on the back of a beermat into a fully realised brand concept. Above all, with a background in Carlisle's youth and lifestyle culture, it’s about working in a lively and pulsing environment, and bringing that infectious energy to Cumbria businesses with the Big Beans design ethos.