Branding & Marketing Cumbria's Businesses

This is Filthy Rich Bean: What you could be as you take the branding of your Cumbria based business to a higher plane.

You’re going to want to take that red hot Cumberland fire inside of you and burn it into the meaty flesh of your industry. Your sizzling brand is the stamp you embed into the brains of all your potential clients from the waterside of Whitehaven to the winding lanes beyond Windermere.

You know us... BIG BEANS! We Jump, we’re saucy, we’re full of Carlisle's rich, caffeinated goodness, alive and kicking and we can help you be who you truly are. If you didn’t know us before... we know for a fact you do now.

Because we are a brand.

And we can turn your business into one too; become a household name not just in Carlisle or whichever part of Cumbria you’re from, but perhaps we can help you with your goal of COMPLETE GLOBAL DOMINATION! (Unless you’re an evil corporation, not cool guys.)

We will take what you are as a Cumbrian business; what you offer the people of Penrith; your core values and principles and mix them into a pot of Lake District inspired love and churn out a vibrant and easily recognisable brand design that will make people across the North West and Borders go. “Oh yeah! THOSE guys!”

Once that’s done, and you see that what lies before you; is the total projection of the vision that's had all your cogs whirring around; the marketing just falls into place.

After all... Look after your brand, and it will look after you.

Big Beans make sure that you’ll STAND OUT in the streets of Keswick or Barrow. Sales will fall in your lap; people will fall at your feet shoving fistfuls of cash into your freshly tailored Eden Valley shepherd socks (you can afford those now!)

Big Beans' Queen Bean dominates a wall design, large scale branding in Carlisle shared office space.