Illustration Agency With Real Cumbria Character

Picasso to our Queen Bean: Our Illustrators bring your story to memorable life with iconic graphic art.

Illustrators... Pretty people that draw pretty pretty pictures... pretty simple!

Say you’ve written a children’s book... A wondrous tome filled with dragons, trolls, Cumbrian Boggets, guardians of all that is just and true... It could sell a gajillion copies! Except that the little stick people scrawled into it don’t quite cut the mustard... You’re an artist. You’re just not an illustration artist.

What you need is an illustrator. You need someone who can take your concept and bring it to life, here in Cumbria: give it some pizzazz! Give it some Big Beans; freshly roasted in the coffee shops of Carlisle!

It doesn’t have to be a book either. We cater to all needs! We've collaborated with Cumbria's fashion designers, comic illustrators based nearby and music graphics, for Carlisle's Music City and more! You name it - we've illustrated it!

We‘re here in the Border City right now; to get what you have in your brain onto a page. We’ll liaise with you and suck those trapped ideas out of your noggin. We grind hard to brew ideas with you and we will get you exactly what you require. Once you have the character you need, you'll have a brand new product to roll out. It will be so beautiful it will burn Cumbrian retinas and holes in Windermere's wallets!

Big Beans' Queen Bean, Claire, sketching an illustration in her Carlisle studio.